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Cheapest nonstop flight .

Cheapest nonstop flight ..?
To southern California from Midwest Indy , Louisville , St Louis , about 3 hrs away need to find a nonstop for possible medical emergency and need to get to family also taking my 9 and 8 yr old. Dont know where to start..
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There are several options. First, you may want to contact different airline's customer service & see if they offer a discount for a medical emergency. I know some of the airlines offer this 7 you can find out if yours would qualify. It would be worth checking this out now so you don't have hidden surprises. Then, there are some other websites you could check for approx. cost for ticket & what flights & days may be cheaper. The websites: www.tripadvisor.com www.farespotter.net www.expedia.com www.travelocity.com www.orbitz.com www.hotwire.com www.priceline.com www.cheaptickets.com www.cheapair.com www.kayak.com Also, check the airline's websites with flexible dates.

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