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flying alone for the first time

flying alone for the first time?
I am 16 years old and i am flying from st. louis, to Miami, and then from Miami to Spain. The flight from Miami to spain is like 10 hours. (I also have to wait in the Miami airport for about 8 hours) I have flown before but never alone and i'm really scared. Any random advice?
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1 :
don't worry,It will be very exciting!
2 :
Soooo, ur gonna be an unaccompanied minor, huh? Wait, r u a minor if ur 16? Idk whatever. The point is don't worry the whole time. Flying is such a fun experience altogether... don't ruin it by worrying. Oh and don't act too goofy because of sleep deprivation. I learned that one the hard way. Also speak with the steward/stewardess and let him/her know that ur young and... unaccompanied. That way he/she will look after u... annd maybe give u extra peanuts! Just remember: Flying's fun! PS- If ur plane has TVs every few seats try not to get a seat where the TV is rite in front of you. You'll have to crane your neck up to watch it. (Ouch - crick). Get a seat right behind the seat that has a TV rite in front of it. Works better. Have a safe trip!! :)
3 :
Nothing is scared. Just do it.
4 :
Being by yourself is an adventure, no one to help you, you're on your own. You can do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, but you have to accept the consequences. Although you have more responsibilites, you'll be able to mature alot because of that experience.
5 :
Trust me, there is nothing to worry about. There are always people and policemen/guards to ask help for. Keep in mind to keep your passport/ticket/other important documents close to yourself and stay away from strangers asking you for favors such as looking after their luggage etc. Overall, Travel is fun, so relax and be safe.

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