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HELP planning flight

HELP planning flight?
This summer I am going to visit a couple friends in Boise, Idaho.'Im coming from St. Louis. I am only 13 and my parents said I could go only if I plan and get the money myself, I dont even know where to start, pleaaaaaseeeeeeeee help me plan, try to find something cheaperrrrr pleaseee thanksss
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I would highly recommend both hotwire and priceline, with cheaptickets comping in a close third. I've searched around for airfare quite a bit, and these three sites usually ring true as the cheapest. Other than that, I'd go to sites like igougo.com, travelzoo.com, or bookingbuddy.com. These sites offer searches of multiple online airfare websites, making it easier and less time consuming to compare prices. As for when to buy, I usually go to farecast.com. They pretty accurately predict when a good time to buy a flight would be based off of past and current trends, etc. It's pretty useful. Another site I've found handy is rightflight.org. They did a bunch of research on the various airfare sites to see which sites are usually the cheapest. They also have a list of most of the airfare sites on their webpage, which can be pretty handy in and of itself. Hope this helped!
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Disregard any answer that mentions websites. You can't book a ticket over the Internet unless you are traveling with an adult. You can search for fares, but you can't buy a ticket. That's because airlines have special requirements for minors who are traveling alone. This includes signed parental permission forms and restrictions on which flights you can take. Most airlines also have an extra charge to take minors who are traveling alone. Have one of your parents take you to a local travel agency. The agent can shop for fares and tell your parents about the special requirements and restrictions. They will charge a service fee (that's only fair - they're providing a professional service), but the fee is worth it to makes sure that everything is done correctly. You can also have one of your parents call the airline directly. However, an airline won't tell you if one of their competitors is cheaper and most of them charge a service fee to book over the phone.

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