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Booking a Vegas Vacation

Booking a Vegas Vacation?
So my 2 friends and I are trying to book a trip to Vegas for August 17-22 2009 and am trying to go through the different sites (Priceline, Expedia, etc) to find the best rate. At this point, we've all said that we would like to stay at the MGM Grand because it looks to be affordable and I want to get a good first Vegas experience so I definitely do not want to stay off the strip. Anyways, the main thing I would help with is finding the best flight+hotel package. Priceline had the best price but I keep reading about things people don't know like about it so I am a little weary booking from them. Any help finding the best deal would be appreciated. Our travel plans were three adults, one room at the MGM Grand. Flight leaving from St Louis August 17th to Las Vegas and returning on the 22nd. Flight times are pretty flexible so I'm just looking for the cheapest way there and back.
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The best way to get a great deal is to book them separately. For flights, check sites like Southwest airlines or US Airways. Also do a search on kayak engine. It will check all airlines going to Vegas and all major travel sites and return the cheapest fare. http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/cheap-flights.php For hotels, book directly from the hotels using their discount promo codes to get the maximum discounts. Here are a few codes. http://www.lasvegas-how-to.com/special.php This might be too early to book for August but MGM Grand always have discount codes.
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The website vegas.com has really good deals. Right now I put in your requests and it stated that you and your friends could fly and stay for $731.87. You also might find a better deal it you stay at the Luxor, Excalibur, Flamingo, Monte Carlo or Harrah's. All of these hotels are in great locations, close to everything. Monte Carlo is more laid back and Harrah's is kinda loud. Vegas.com is a trusted site that I have used in the past. I've stayed at Flamingo, Monte Carlo and Luxor. Liked Monte Carlo the best,but Flamingo had the best location and Luxor had the most best look, theme and room.
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I live in Oregon and we typically use Southwest Airlines. They have some pretty reasonable package prices. Right now the farthest they are booking for is June, but to price a room at MGM for the same length of time you are looking for in June, for room and airfare and a few extras is just over $600 per person. If you sign up for the "Price Ding" on Southwest they will send you an email when the fare drops and/or becomes available. I have priced a lot of sites and Priceline and Expedia have never been the cheapest for what I have been searching for. If this is your first time in Vegas you may want to look at staying mid strip. Bally's, Paris. Harrah's, Flamingo, Imperial Palace (not the nicest). These places tend to be mid price range and under. I have stayed at Harrah's, Flamingo and Imperial Palace. They are center strip and on the Monorail so easy access to wherever you want to go. If you have the flexibility in scheduling your flights, flying out on and coming back on a Tuesday or Wednesday can save you anywhere from $50 to $100 round trip. Please email me if youhave any additional questions.
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Forget package deals .. they are over priced and limited. Go to this site and price air and hotel separately and you will see what I mean. http://www.sidestep.com/ Then go directly to the airlines web site and the hotel website you like and see what they can offer you directly. You will find some great offers and deals that way. Never book with Expedia, orbitz or places like that .. they will charge you a booking fee and not tell you until you are paying. Skip the middle man and book directly so save money.
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For flight I would check kayak.com and for good hotel room rates I recommend to use http://www.vegas-hotels-online.com - they have the latest hotel promotion codes listed.
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Check kayak.com for airfares. Also check allegiant airlines - they fly from the midwest into Vegas. I just read an article in a magazine (I forget which one) that said kayak.com came up with the best airfares nine times out of ten - and they link you right into the airlines' websites to book. BUT - you should also check www.vegas.com - it's thru USAir and quite often the best package deal. You can also get show tickets from them. Another thing to remember though - weekends (Thursday to Saturday) are more expensive, so you're going to pay higher hotel room rates. Also, you're looking at book eight months in advance? I'd wait a little while - you might be able to get a better (read: amazing) deal anytime from six to twelve weeks before you want to go... That's just my $.02.

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