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Do you think this would be Romantic?? or weird

Do you think this would be Romantic?? or weird??
My boyfriend and I met 2 years ago in the Hopkins Airport and rode the flight home to St. Louis together and never stopped talking. Anyway, the rest is history. When the time comes, if you were me, would you like it if my boyfriend proposed in that same airport (some-how making it so I didn't know what was going to happen) or would you just think that it was weird and not romantic because it is an airport? I wish he'd call Perfect Proposal! that would be hilarious. naturally dark brunette. I would like it, I just thought it would be nice to hear what others think so don't be an ass about it... I'll be in Vet school until I'm 27, which is in 7 years so he said he won't propose until then (he'll be working on a PhD as well) so um, again-please don't be rude. anyway, I'm not a snot so I'll be happy with anything- like I said I'm just curious to hear what other girls think.
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1 :
I think it would be romantic
2 :
Romantic. It's not weird. Stop worrying about what is right for other couples!
3 :
i think it would be romantic; my husband proposed to me where we first met and we met at the grocery store in front of everyone.
4 :
ARE you blonde by any chance?
5 :
I think it would be romantic, but I think it would never be a surprise for you because you'd always be expecting it. I hope he can come up with something that both delights and surprises.
6 :
I think it would be very romantic. The more personal the proposal (including the setting) the better. Its a cute story that you can tell everyone.
7 :
It would be romantic. Because that is where you first met.
8 :
Just be happy If he proposes-after 2 years
9 :
It would be romantic however, if he was coaxed into doing this by you it wouldn't be a surprise? Right? To me, a perfect proposal is one where he completely shocks you. Give him a chance to come up with something.
10 :
Romantic, very romantic. It would be more romantic if he could propose on the airplane.
11 :
definetly romantic
12 :
That would be so sweet of him!
13 :
Well I might be reaching here, but it looks like that day had a PROFOUND affect on him. So much so, it seems that he wanted to take that proverbial "next step" with you by taking you full circle back to when your story began. Call me a fag if you want but I could see nothing more romantic than revisiting a profound event in your life to begin another. He did very well and you should give him lots of freaky-naughty sex and stuff for that lol (kidding) You are a lucky girl, you have a romantic on your hands.
14 :
I think that would be sweet cuz it's the place that u guys met
15 :
I think is romantic because some how the airport is where you see each other for the first time, so I don't think is weird, that's a good proposal place,.......
16 :
I'm sure he's already thought about doing it. why wouldn't it be romantic? that's where you met!
17 :
Awww I think thats so cute and romantic go for it!
18 :
I think that would be very romantic-my first date with my now husband was at a very loud restaurant that had bad food, so 4 years later when we ended up at the same place i could not figure out why he would ever take me there again. Sure enough he propsed and we are happily married.
19 :
maybe if the plane at the airport whisked you away to a romantic location afterwards(something secretly devised by your fiance) it may work.
20 :
i think its romantic what makes it speacial is that he want to pend his life with you if it was me i will be crying busing out in tears that must be one of the most wonderful thing thats happen to you
21 :
The best romance is always the one that comes most naturally to both parties. If you are cringing and distracted by being proposed to in an airport-then no its not romantic. But if you are standing by the window pane as a bead of water streaks down the window and you have a crisp blue scarf on-and you are waving goodbye to him in the plane you think he is on-you are sad and have no idea that he did not take off that he stayed in the airport and is on his way back towards you ready to pop the question-that would make a sweet movie-and an absolutely romantic one as well. If you are uncomfortable and scrunching your nose and concerned about what people are thinking of this proposal-NO-romance is shot dead. I think the concept of the proposal is super sweet and romantic-but its all in how its played out. Good luck with this.
22 :
I think is romantic because in that place was where everything started for you two.
23 :
I think it will be so romantic!!!!!!!!
24 :
I think it would be romantic...not weird at all...but I also think you should let him plan it, not suggest things or it takes the romance out of it...
25 :
I got engaged and married on the dance floor I met my hubby on. It was in a bar room where we both worked for a while after the engagement. I think you're idea is not only unique, but I bet it'll be a cute romantic story to tell your kids one day...GL;) BTW, why not get engaged now? No one says you have to set the date or get married right away. If he loves you, he'll be willing to wait...GL;)
26 :
awww that would be so incredibly romantic cause it's so personal. like, how many ppl propose at the airport?!! maybe it would be more awesome if he proposed on a plane - but that might be weird. haha...idk
27 :
I think it would be very romantic...
28 :
that would be so romantic. my fiance' proposed to me where we first met...
29 :
I think it's a wonderful idea! Congratulations and good luck on your schooling!
30 :
i would that i would be romantic because he remembers how you both met.seeing your smile to his eyes gives him alot of wonderful memories that you and him had together at the airport and on the plane.so yes very romantic, to me.
31 :
that would be romantic i would cry if that happened
32 :
I think that would be so romantic. I think it would be the best place actually.

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