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Was he flirting with me

Was he flirting with me?
okay, this happened last summer. but i wanna know anyway. sorry if this question seems unimportant. so last summer, i went to Cali. to go visit my relatives. we only stay there for a week. so on the flight back home, my bro, mom, and dad were place in different seating than i was. so i was sitting alone. so when the flight landed in St.Louis, i was getting up to get my carry-on. and there was this really cute guy who was two rows up from me. and he was leaning behind his seat to talk to his mom/bro. and he saw me. and eyes contact for like 3 sec. and then he look down but with a grin/smile on his face. he kept doing that for about 7 more times. like looking up at me and smiling. btw, he had a really cute smile(: so opinion lol. my mouth was NOT opening. and i didn't ate anything that whole day. so im pretty sure i had nothing in my teeth. but he wasn't laughing. just smiling(: my hair wasn't mess up 'cause i was reading my book the whole flight. not sleeping.
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Maybe, he could of been.
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lol your really cute :). Of course he was flirting with you. Anyone who takes the effort to turn around in their seat, make eye contact, smile and then turn away blushing (and then to repeat times!) is flirting with you. He was probably trying to gauge your response and see if you smiled back.
4 :
Yup! :)
5 :
He could of been ;)
6 :
maybe or theres always the possibliy you had something in your teeth, tho it sounds like flirting
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Yup you guys were eye flirting. Too bad you didn't exchange numbers...
8 :
If he didn't come talk to you then no.
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ya he was!!! ahaha yay .. score. cute guy.. lol or he seen u before or ur hair was messed up or u juss looked funny. but i doubt it
10 :
Hehe, most definitely!
11 :
you should let that go, he was probably wondering why you were staring at him
12 :
yea i think so...i mean he might have been bored....so maybe...
13 :
yea he prob was you shouldve tryed to get him to come talk to u or something hope i helped please answer my question!! thnxx
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He probly was but if Someone Flirting with you they would have been talking too you But he probly was Flirting wit you
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i flirt that way so id say YES! definetly. if it was a genuine smile like he was pleased as opposed to amused then yes because like the person below me said "there could have been somehting in your teeth" smile=good! laughter=bad :[
16 :
how can u flirt with you with a smile? .............. soo confusing...

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