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Can I bring veggies and dried fruit on an international flight if I eat it before I get there

Can I bring veggies and dried fruit on an international flight if I eat it before I get there?
I'm flying Nuremberg, Germany to St. Louis, Missouri and have two layovers, one in Frankfurt and one in Chicago. When I was flying here I just brought a couple granola bars, Cheeze-Its, and cookies, and I had no energy at my layover in Frankfurt (and so I felt very tired and disoriented [from culture shock I guess], and it was not an enjoyable experience at all), so I'd like to know what foods I can take that will supply me with plenty of energy for when I get to Chicago. But I'm wondering if small vegetables and dried fruit is even allowed on the plane. I know I cannot take them into America, but I do plan on eating them on the plane.
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So long as they are not perishable.
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junk food like this will indeed give you a big sugar high and then a crash; but then you are going to feel terrible after a journey this long whatever you do. yes, you can take dried fruit on the plane, either eat or dispose before you enter the states. Can't see the point of taking veg though, you can't cook it on board! eat the meal you get and drink lots and lots of water; my tip is take an empty 1.5 litre bottle through security, and then fill it up at a tap before you get on the plane. You may be able to get the cabin crew to refill it during the flight, this then means you can get enough water as what they give out is only small glasses.
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I don't think you will be allowed to bring any food on board.However,depends of the airline. Granola bars might be permitted but i'm almost sure that they won't let u take any fruits and veggies.
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Yes you can, just finish what you bring or leave them on the plane if you don't finish them. Also be sure to wrap them properly in plastic bags or something similar to clear security checkpoints.

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