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Do you know this about - Charles Lindbergh's flight

Do you know this about - Charles Lindbergh's flight?
Win Perkins, a real estate appraiser who specializes in airport properties, has posted on his Web site a video he created of Charles Lindbergh's famous and risky takeoff in the Spirit of St. Louis .. According to Perkins, this is unlike any other presentation of the takeoff footage. Perkins said he "painstakingly assembled news footage from five cameras that filmed Lindbergh's takeoff from Roosevelt Field, Long Island " and "mixed it with enhanced audio from the same newsreel sources." This is one of the most interesting videos I've seen come over the Internet. When you click on the address, episode #3 comes up ready to play. I suggest you first click on ” CONTACT ” to the left and select #1, then watch them in order, #1 through #4. I was glued to the screen through all 4. What guts it took for Lindbergh to overcome the odds against him and accomplish this amazing feat. http://www.airportappraisals.com/
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OK. Those of us who know history knew that. A lot of people got killed trying to fly across the Atlantic in the early days.
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i did not know that.
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From what I've seen in the Navy's footage of the take-off, he damn near did not make it. He must have been living a clean life and thinking pure thoughts.
4 :
The "Spirit of St Louis" was a 1957 movie made of Lindbergh's flight - Actor James Stewart played the part of Lindbergh - Excellent choice, remember, Stewart is former USAF general and pilot - The two, Stewart and Lindbergh knew each other well - Stewart paid particular attention to recreate all facts of the 1927 flight - I recommend the movie to anyone - Accurate details about flying facts - When I was with PanAm, I got Charles Lindbergh once on a flight - Was in 1971, I was First Officer - He sat on jump seat behind the captain, listened to communications - Was on a 727 between Frankfurt and West Berlin - short flight - Lindbergh was a quiet guy, did not say much - He was a consultant for PanAm - so he often flew as passenger -
5 :
Charles Lindbergh flew non-stop across the Atlantic Ocean. He was also an ardent NAZI, disliked our government, became outspoken about just about every government plan during his lifetime. He was what some people call a 'PUTZ'. Don't believe me? Read. He also helped raise funds for the American Bund, and, gererally was a thorn in the side of the U.S. until his death.
6 :
Lindbergh's flight took a lot of courage. Remember that no one before him made it! He also worked with Lockheed aircraft and the US Army Air Corps during WWII. I think he attained rank of Colonel. He actually flew combat missions while trying different RPM, manifold pres, settings. Again pretty brave a pretty brave dude.

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