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what is it like to fly

what is it like to fly?
this is my first time at flying i don't know what to do at the airport between flights. I have to stop in charlotte,north carolina for an hour and 4minutes. i arrive in st.louis at 545pm and im afraid that i will miss my flight from charlotte to st. louis,mo i wanted to know what to do. im very nervous about it.
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Find the tv monitors that display the flights/departure times/ gate locations. Just because your ticket gives a gate doesn't mean that they haven't changed it. So, when you get off the plane in NC find the monitors and figure out where your gate is...go over there with your ticket and off you go!
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awful...especially if the guy next to you hasn't showered...not that I'm bitter. haha. Honestly, jokes aside, there's no reason to be nervous. You're safer in a jet plane than you are in your own car. Relax.
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Relax! Airlines do not sell connections that put passengers in risk. I think the minimum lay over allowed is 45 minutes. What I suggest is you bring your itinerary copy with times and gates highlighted, carefully read it before your trip and before your first segment landing, and as soon as you get out at Charlotte you check your connection flight status and dep. gate at the monitors located all over the terminal. Sometimes flight attendants read a list of flight connections and gates before landing. But you should keep checking monitors at the terminal not only when arriving to Charlotte but also while you're walking to the next flight dep. gate. Also, if it is a major airline, you can set up what they call ALERTS, meaning that you can receive any change information in your cell right away. Is it very useful. But again, calm down and enjoy your new experience!
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Your only problem will be if your first flight is delayed. If you think you are going to miss your flight, you can ask a stewardess while in flight for information. They are sometimes able to obtain info about flights and gate numbers prior to landing. Also, don't panic if you miss your flight. You can go talk to the airline reps at the gate and they can assist you in handling the situation (whether that is getting you on another flight or getting you hotel accommodations). Just don't be afraid to ask questions.

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