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What's wrong with white flight

What's wrong with white flight?
Most cities/countries with black majorities are extremely violent, in fact if you look at the list of most dangerous cities, almost ALL of them have black majorities or are close to it. So can you really blame whites for not wanting to live around you people? Most Dangerous cities list: 1 New Orleans, LA 2 Camden, NJ 3 Detroit, MI 4 St. Louis, MO 5 Oakland, CA 6 Flint, MI 7 Gary, IN 8 Birmingham, AL 9 Richmond, CA 10 North Charleston, SC 11 Cleveland, OH 12 Baltimore, MD 13 Miami Gardens, FL 14 Memphis, TN 15 Youngstown, OH 16 Atlanta, GA 17 Compton, CA 18 Orlando, FL 19 Little Rock, AR 20 Minneapolis, MN 21 Washington, DC 22 Philadelphia, PA 23 Jackson, MS 24 Newark, NJ 25 Milwaukee, WI
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1 :
You forgot to add Yahoo Cultures & Groups-Other to that. Now you can fly out " of here", too. Bye.
2 :
I highly doubt it's the colour of their skin. I think it's poverty, lack of education, jobs etc. that causes high crime. I don't see how necessary it is to mention that they're black but I guess if that's what you white folks do all the time...
3 :
White Flight is to do with a fear of foreigners. Your racist question would be reported.
4 :
White flight eh? Yes, indeed, there is nothing wrong with flying in white planes
5 :
I prepared a nice response for you after reading your last question, but I was unable to post it because your question was deleted. To know about the contributions of people of African descent to Western civilization, you should read books by Martin Bernal, W.E.B. Du Bois, J.A. Rogers, Carter G. Woodson, Martin Delaney, George G.M. James, Chancellor Williams, John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke, Yosef Ben Jochanon, Cheik Anta Diop, Ivan Van Sertima, Tim Wise, who is unfortunately white like you (no offense to non-racist white people), Asa Hilliard, Maulana Karenga, Wade Nobles, Frances Welsing, Molefi Asante and so much more. Knowledge truly is power.
6 :
who cares if you don't want to live around black people. nobody's losing sleep at night over it. trust me.
7 :
Nothing, it's a completely natural response to living around savages.
8 :
And we don't want to live around your racist ass either. You wonder why we have programs that embrace us, it's because of people like you.

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